Which Harbell’s wing sauces are the best? The first annual Wing Wars put them to the test!

The rules? Team 1 and Team 2 both taste five different wings with sauce, and as teams they have to decide what flavor they think each wing is. The team that correctly guesses the most sauces gets to decide the name of a new wing flavor on Harbell’s menu.

From first-time Harbell’s patrons to long-time customers, participants on both teams chowed down on our delicious wings while making their best guesses. While Team 2 came in as Harbell wing-eating veterans with a hefty load of confidence, Team 1 was up for the challenge.

The results? A TIE!

With a winner yet to be named, each team then sent up a captain to compete in one final wing sauce standoff. This round, the tasters only had 20 seconds to guess the flavor, so they needed to trust the first instincts of their taste buds.

Yet again, a tie as both captains correctly guessed our Golden Buffalo flavor!

In a display of top-notch sportsmanship, the teams came together to decide on the new flavor name, and reached agreement on “Golden Bear” in honor of the mascot of the hometown college, Missouri State.

Congratulations to both teams, equal victors of Wing Wars 2021! Check out the full video recap below, and join us at Harbell’s for your next game day!